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Today I will give you my review of the book The Tipping Point – How Little Things Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell.

Before I jump into the review I feel the need to share with you the importance of learning new things and reading valuable books.

To get into the mindset of an entrepreneur you must think like one. In order to develop that skill, you have to educate yourself and for that you need books. Books are valuable assets that help you grow and offer you priceless wealth.

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This is exactly what happened to me a few years ago.

The story

A few years ago I hit my personal rock bottom. Divorced, out of my comfort zone, being 30+ years old, I could not get a steady job and income. I used my skills as a graphic and web designer to reach clients and work as a freelancer. But my finances were anywhere close to getting any better. I started educating myself financially, developing financial mechanisms and intelligence that could get me out of the rat race. 

The creation of this blog is one of the results through reading a lot of books – this one included as it was the One Book that started it all. Also a lot of research!

The Tipping Point – How Little Things Make a Big Difference

My partner gifted me this book four years ago. I read it in almost a week on my way back and forth from work, in the train and bus.

In this book, Gladwell points out how a little effort can bring huge changes in the world around us no matter how stuck or unmovable it may seem.

Gladwell introduces you to a new idea, a new product, or a behavior as an epidemic.

In an epidemic, what is presented to the people must be:

  • Widely disseminated.
  • Sticky enough, so it will stay with each recipient.
  • Operates in a context that preserves it.


In my head that made sense with the creation of a blog. Blogs are about ideas, new products, even behaviors or all of the above. When it is widely disseminated, sticks with the audiences it reaches and operates in a context that preserves it, then it will tip and spread. 

Gladwell mentions in the book that an epidemic is not spread by large crowds of people. On the contrary, it spreads by few people with very specific roles:

  • Connectors — They know a lot of people. And not only that. They know the right people.  “These people who link us up with the world, who bridge Omaha and Sharon, who introduce us to our social circles – these people on whom we rely on more heavily than we realize – are Connectors, people with a very special gift of bringing people together.” Excerpt from the book
  • Mavens — “A Maven is a person who has information on a lot of different products or prices or places. This person likes to initiate discussions with consumers and respond to requests … they like to be helpers in the marketplace, distribute coupons, take you shopping. They go shopping for you … This is the person who connects people to the marketplace and has the inside scoop on the marketplace” Excerpt from the book
  • Salesmen —  “Mavens are data banks. They provide the message. Connectors are social glue: they spread it. But there is also a select group of people – Salesmen – with the skills to persuade us when we are unconvinced of what we are hearing, and they are as critical to the tipping of word-of-mouth epidemics as the other two groups.” Excerpt from the book


The above are Tipping Point archetypes. When you are able to identify which one you are strong at, and which one you need to develop you have done Step One. By knowing which archetype you lack, you can connect with people that have this archetype developed well and help you grow your ideas.


This was priceless information for me and at the right timing. My head was full of ideas and I had to use something to put them in order. I’m good in research, I know places, I can find information in a split of a second. I am a Maven, a database. And this is the reason this blog was created. I want to share this database with all of you.

Knowledge is a powerful tool for you to use to make it in any area of your life.

I have a little ‘homework’ for you:

Grab a notebook, physical or use a Word Doc. Grab a pen:

  1. Note Down: Are you a Connector, a Maven or a Salesman?
  2. Which of the three are you doing right now with your blog/business? Are you connecting with other people or bloggers, are you researching or are you influencing people to sell products or services?
  3. Which is your missing archetype? The Connector, Maven or Salesman?
  4. Find them, connect with them and you will soon see your blog grow as a business and Tip!

Your turn: Have you read this book? What are your initial thoughts on it?


My Book Review - The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell - Katie's Wealth


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