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Blogging: Niche - Focus - Topic

The Ultimate Guide To Blog Niches – Topics – Focus

The Ultimate Guide To Blog Niches - Topics - Focus - Katie's Wealth
I keep listening and reading that the one most hated word for bloggers is (insert drum roll here). The Niche! Well, I can totally get that but on the other hand, it's what intrigues me the most so I welcome you to the ultimate guide to blog niches. I know first hand the struggle to settle with the right focus/topic or...

Content Ideas – Mom Blogs

Content Ideas - Mom Blogs - Katie's Wealth
Mom Blogs have grown to become very popular. I believe it's because they are authentic. They come from an honest place and the content is easy to come up as it is coming from real people and based on their real lives. The main thing to remember is to get Your Voice out there. It's not easy to get yourself started...

Content Ideas – Yourself As A Brand

Content Ideas - Yourself As A Brand - Katie's Wealth
Yourself is your most valuable asset. Using your name as a brand can be a great way for you to market your skills or anything you are good at. My story A few years ago I hit my personal rock bottom. Divorced, out of my comfort zone, being 30+ years old, I could not get a job that could make me...