10 Basic Tips For New Bloggers
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Hello and welcome to my 10 Basic Tips For New Bloggers. I decided to make this guide after I’ve seen many new bloggers struggle, especially at the beginning. Their niche is one thing, and most basic in my opinion, and after that a whole bunch of things. The blog name, the design, topics to write about and many more.

Most of the tips you will find here are things that no one told me nor I read on any blog as I did my long research. So I decided to share them with you because I believe they are extremely important if you plan on starting a blog or have started it already.

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1. Know Your Stuff

Everybody has a story to tell. What’s yours? That’s the first thing you need to consider before even starting a blog. Yes, you have seen that amazing fashion, beauty or lifestyle blog which is so pretty and beautifully designed and you are like “Let’s go for THAT”. Ok, but do you actually have things to say about it? Will it make people search for your opinion or personal style when they search for fashion? What’s your “Thing”? That One Thing that you know about and you can talk to me for hours about it. Everyone has an expertise.

If you are still looking for that, then do research, browse the web. Your idea is out there. Maybe you are good at comforting people or struggling as a single mom, or you are amazing at giving financial advice because you are doing a pretty good job at it. There are a lot of successful bloggers out there, you can be one of them by doing what they do. Write about what YOU know best, not what THEY write about. They are successful because they know their stuff, not someone else’s stuff. I write about blogging and design because I know my stuff. I couldn’t for the life of me start a blog on DIY, I’m so bad at it, not that I could not learn about it, but I can’t give advice on something I don’t know well.

Know your Stuff - Katie's Wealth
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2. Always Include An About Page On The Top Menu

It is important for your readers to know who that person is they read from. They are looking for help and guidance, so they want to know who is the one giving it to them.

You don’t have to necessarily call it About me or About. I have called mine ‘Start Here‘ for a reason. I want my readers to first go there, read about me and most importantly what I have to offer them. Then, they can decide if they would like to stick with me and my content or not. Give them that option, it’s nice.

Another crucial thing about that page is to not make it a long biography especially if your blog is about offering a specific service or help about something. Yes, like I said they want to know about you, but let’s be honest, they landed on your page because they need that helping hand, remember? Tell them what you got for them, let them know so that they know where to look. Now, if your blog is something like a diary or your personal experience on something and you just want to make friends and chat, then, by all means, talk about whatever you like.

3. Don’t Go Straight For The Money

Yes, you read that right. I know you are in the blogging business for the money and believe me so am I. Who doesn’t want some extra cash when they put so much effort and heart on a blog? There is one thing though, that you should consider first.

Let me give you an example so you get my point. Let’s say you are looking for the “Easiest way to start a blog” and you search and search and find one that claims to help you build your blog in 10 minutes. Crazy hey? But omg you are so lucky. You go to a post that has no pictures or a step by step guide to actually Help you, instead your eyes hurt of all the advertising around that post. They didn’t make an effort, they didn’t work hard to offer you a nice final product. They wanted to get their hands in your pockets without helping you. People are smart, they can tell instantly if you are honest or not. Play fair and respect them. Give them what you promised in the first place.

4. Inspire Authority and Offer Valuable Content

I cannot stress enough the importance of offering value to your readers. When your blog is about something you know well and not about what someone else knows well then your readers will feel it instantly.

For example, I know graphic and web design well. I am a professional and my readers can tell in a heartbeat by looking at my work. Every bit of creation on this blog is designed by me and my team. We know what we are doing. So when I give advice on font combinations, for instance, you can trust that my opinion has some sort of value.

Now, when your blog is about fitness, or weight loss, or living a healthy lifestyle you have to show them how to achieve that by your own example. You will show authority and offer valuable content and they will trust you.

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5. Be Consistent With Your Subscribers And Your Newsletters

When you start a blog you also add a subscription form, so you can get some emails, right? That’s good. Creating email lists is a great way to connect with your readers and communicate about new content or whatever is coming up on your blog. Amazing.

I have myself subscribed to a number of newsletters and you know what I receive by most of them in my mailbox? Nothing. Yes, nothing. Why? Why did you ask for my email address to begin with? With some others, all I get is notifications on new posts every 3 or 4 days. I would love some more content tho. Why don’t you surprise me every now and then with something?

For example, my subscribers, once in a while receive emails with something amazing I discovered that I didn’t post on the blog, yet. Or some goodies I created for them, some banner templates or some graphics that we give away as freebies. Give them something they will love, show them that they did well for subscribing to you. Robotic emails are not appreciated and soon they end up in someone’s spam folder, trust me on that.

6. Reply to your reader’s comments

I read a LOT of blogs. Like, seriously, a lot. I noticed many bloggers ask questions at the end of some of their posts, which is awesome. It pushes interaction and motivates readers to get involved in a post. Fantastic. Some readers add a comment or post a question and the blogger never responds… Why? That’s so NOT right. You asked a damn question, why don’t you reply?

What this tells me is that you followed a guideline about “asking a question at the end of the post”, but didn’t bother to actually get involved yourself at your own post. That’s plain rude and wrong. Let’s say for example you read an awesome post and they ask a question and you post a comment. How would you feel if your comment went unnoticed? See my point?

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7. Support New Bloggers Like Yourself

The blogging community is a give and take community and that’s fair. You are a new blogger yourself and you want traffic on your blog right? Well, people won’t start coming on their own, you have to be visible. They have to see you somewhere, so you visit other blogs and you post a comment and you interact and the blogger visits you and some of their readers will visit you too.

When you visit a nice and interesting blog why not share it in one of your posts when it’s relevant. That will drive some traffic to that blog and you will be supportive to that blogger, especially when they are new. Wouldn’t you like others doing that for you too? Set the example.

I do that a LOT on this blog. If I Love it I’ll Share it, it’s my motto! I also support guest posts and interviews, so keep that in mind too. Giving back to a community that supports you is so awesome and satisfying! Sharing nice blogs and hard working new bloggers like yourself adds to YOUR value, never forget that.

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8. Make It Easy To Navigate. Create A Clean Menu

Clean and easy navigation on a blog’s header menu is extremely important. Point out a direct path to where your readers can find whatever they need. Use readable fonts, that’s so important. Curly, handwritten and script type fonts are a NO go for menus, seriously, who can read that? They are pretty, no arguments here, but your readers should be able to understand what you are saying. Make sure you put the right posts or articles under the correct category. Not everything under all categories.

9. Always Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

We are living an extremely visual era. Images are highly important and a basic ingredient for a blog. There are a lot of websites where you can get images for your blog posts, some are paid and some are free. When you are paying for the image you are fine, as long as you have read all there is to it about copyrights etc.

Now, when you are using free images you must be extra careful of the terms of use they have on that website. In this blog I mainly use photos from Unsplash, there is also Pixabay and Pexels with high-quality images. With Unsplash, comes a notice that you can use these images as you may without attributing to the site. I don’t do that. I respect the artists, I am one too, so it only makes sense that I say ‘thanks‘ with a link to the image caption. You don’t have to do the same, but I recommend you do. It’s kind. That goes for any type of graphic you use on your blog. If the terms of usage are not clear, ask with an email to make sure you are doing the right thing.

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10. Be Appreciative of Your Influencers

It should be a no-brainer, but when we get in the process of starting a blog we tend to forget some things. One of them is we forget to mention the sources of our inspiration. Before I started Katie’s Wealth blog I did a lot of research (still do) and got inspired by SO many people. I feel like I owe it to them to mention them from time to time because it’s only fair. I learned from people out there who have spent years and months sharing their knowledge.

You will see me mention Neil Patel with his exceptional advice on Traffic and SEO that we try to apply on this blog, Samantha Maria with her style and authenticity which has been a constant source of inspiration for me, Michelle with her knowledge on personal finance and affiliate marketing, Leah with her amazing writing, go and read ONE post from her blog and you will be stuck for hours. She is such an amazing person, full of life.

This list could be so long…  I love sharing amazing bloggers, it doesn’t matter if they are “famous” or “popular”. The mere fact they added something to MY life makes them worthy of my mention. I don’t do it to promote them, they don’t need it, I do it because I love sharing the knowledge and inspiration they, so gratefully, share.

Your turn: Do you have any specific rules you follow as a new blogger? What would you add to this list? Who are the people that got you into blogging?



10 Basic Tips For New Bloggers
Lukas Blazek


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